Camp Second Chance

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Campers for Hire

Many folks here at Camp Second Chance are looking for work they can do to either to make ends meet better out here, to save up to afford to be indoors in winter, or to be able to afford to be indoors full time. Offering day labor can be a great way to help out, and perhaps find yourself a part to full time employee. If your job is professional or just helping out in your back yard, we've got folks interested in doing good work, and getting good pay.

Some examples of what we regularly do are below, but feel free to give us a call to ask for whatever work you might have on offer.

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Moving Services

Packing up is your job, hauling to and from the truck is ours. Give us a call if you need strong backs.

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Yard Work

Breaking ground, keeping tidy, or installing new plants, using your tools to get the hard work of getting a yard in shape.

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House Work

Cleaning, storing, sorting, and organizing; if your house has too much clutter or too much mess, we'll get it gone.