Camp Second Chance

(206) 578-6551

We are Camp Second Chance, a self governed encampment who aims to provide a stable place to live, learn, and grow. We are growing our core team at our Meyers Way location, and in doing so, plan to embrace the needs of our fellow homeless here in the greater Seattle area. We intend to have our team grow to 40+ members, and to use our stability and connections to provide our overflow camping as a clearing house for folks that need more help than our camp can provide.

Staying with us here at Camp Second Chance will mean being clean, sober, and drug free, as well as eager to learn how to help others. We have many knowledgeable campers who are happy to cross-train, and by joining us, we expect you to bring your own knowledge, and be ready to learn the hard lessons of self-governance and outdoor living.

Our camp is still getting started, so we have many Needs. If you feel you can contribute to those in any way, please feel free to Contact Us.